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Drive U: is the default storage facility provide by UU. On UU workstations, the 'My Documents' folder is placed on drive U: by default, but you can access and use drive U: on different systems just as well.


Drive U: has a capacity of about 1GB. Capacity can be expanded to 10GB, but this will incur costs for the Faculty of Science.

If you need more than 1GB storage capacity on a permanent basis, you should consider Faculty storage facilities.


The primary alternative is using personal storage on Faculty of Science systems. Every staff member has access to personal storage, which on Windows workstations is usually available as drive S:.

You can easily move (data) files from drive U: to drive S: and/or scratch space (when it has been made available to you).

'My documents' on drive U:

On UU workstations the 'My documents' folder is located on drive U: by default. It is not possible to change the destination folder of drive (i.e. the default is restored automatically).

Many Windows applications, such as the Office suites, look for 'My documents' as the default place to save files. To save files to another folder or drive, you must change the application's default settings. You can also place a shortcut on your U: drive pointing to another location, e.g. (a folder on) drive S:.

Connecting to drive U:

On UU workstations, drive U: is usually available by default. On other workstations, you may connect to U: manually.
You should use the network address \\\uu\Users\<solisid>
where you should replace <solisid> with your own Solis-id.
If you are not within the Soliscom domain (e.g. at home), you should establish a VPN connection before connecting to drive U:.

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