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Nederlandse versie

For non staff members, a temporary or guest account is available. These accounts offer access UU facilities, but some limitations may apply.

Available facilities

A guest account offers at least:

  • Login on the UU network on staff or student workstations.
  • Using UTP network access points with a personal computer such as a laptop.
  • Using the Faculty of Science server facilities such as storage.

Applying for a guest account

Applications for a guest account must be made by a UU staff member, preferably through the group's secretariat. For stays longer than four weeks, a so-called hospitality agreement is made. For shorter stays, a limited account is created.

Please note that it may take some time to process applications.


A guest account based on a 'hospitality agreement' is identical to a UU account. A 'short stay' account has some limitations:

  • There is no e-mail address or mailbox. So there is no access to Outlook calendars and Public Folders.
  • There is no access to the university Wifi network (but you can plug in a laptop to internet sockets).
  • VPN is not available.
  • The University MultiFunctionals are not available. Also see: Printvouchers (in Dutch).