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Sometimes it is needed that you supply an Apple ID, like for example for free apps in the app-store. This is a small guide that helps you get your own Apple ID.
It is recommended to create a new Apple ID when working on your Mac at the mathematical institute, this way you are sure not to mix up personal and work related things.

Creating an Apple ID

To create an Apple ID go to the following page, create new Apple ID select the option to create a new Apple ID and fill in any required forms.
It is recommended to use the mail address that is supplied to you by the University Utrecht.

After continuing you need to verify your Apple ID, go to your inbox and follow the listed instructions.
After completing these steps your Apple ID should be in working order.

Apple Up-To-Date Program

One of the uses of your Apple ID is to get Pages, Numbers and Keynote for free. Go to the following website to see if you're entitled to those: Apple Up-To-Date-Program