Migration of Science Faculty Homedirectories: FAQ

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Migration of Science Faculty Homedirectories (Linux/Ubuntu) or Science Faculty personal storage (Windows/MacOS), formerly known as S-drive

quotum: 5Gb

What does it mean for me?

Your data will be transferred to the new location by us. You will receive an email as soon as the migration is completed. Below you can find what possibly needs to be done yourself.

For Computer room systems and Gemini we will change the link to your home directory. No action is needed. This also applies to UU-managed Macs.

The address to your storage on your personal Mac or Windows computer system (UU-standard or personal system) needs be changed by you once.

The url to your personal website doesn't change

Any special quota you may have will not change after migration

What is the new location?

Linux: /science/users/[solis-id] Windows: \\soliscom.uu.nl\science\users\[solis-id] MacOSX: smb://soliscom.uu.nl/science/users/[solis-id]

New location for personal website source files (if applicable): your www directory still resides under your personal directory


Replace [solis-id] with your solis-id without the brackets. For further details: see below

Connect using WebDav

For creating a WebDav connection, use:https://intercon.science.uu.nl/science/users/[solis-id]

More detailed info about making connections to storage facilities


In short


new share for Science Faculty personal storage

The Science Faculty personal storage (often called S: drive) has moved to a new location: \\soliscom.uu.nl\science\users\[solis-id]

modifying S: to the new location

Some users have mapped S: to the old location (\\storage.staff.science.uu.nl....). You can remove this mapping. Just open the Windows Explorer, right-click on the S: drive and choose for disconnect.

If you want to use the mount again, please do the following: Open Windows Explorer, right-click on 'This PC' and choose 'Map network drive....' A new Window opens.

Choose as Drive S: and as Folder '\\soliscom.uu.nl\science\users\[solis-id]' (where [solis-id] is your solis-id without brackets).

Select 'Reconnect at sign-in' if you want to automatically mount the S:drive at logon. Then click 'Finish'

my recently opened documents are missing

(in Office programs for example)

The UNC path of your homedir has changed, so you have to start over by navigating to the new document location once. If you use a drive-mapping (like S:) , just modify the location as ascribed above.

my shortcuts are broken

The UNC path of your homedir has changed, so you have to start over by changing the shortcuts to the new location once. If you use a drive-mapping (like S:) in your shortcut, just modify the location as ascribed above.


UU managed Mac

No action needed. In the Finder under Go - Go to Folder enter /science You will see all your Science Faculty linked network folders

Personal device: modifying to the new location

The Science Faculty personal storage has moved to a new location:


If this doesn't work, you may try:


In the Finder under Go - Connect to server enter the above address (replace [solis-id] with your own). Use your solisID/password in the Finder pop up.

You can make this a favourite by dragging the newly mounted Science Faculty personal storage to the left Finder column.

Note: softlinks won't work when connecting this way. Contact support should you need this (TopDesk)

my recently opened documents are missing

(in Office programs for example)

The path of your homedir has changed, so the first time you have to start over by opening the document in the Finder on the new homedir location. From then on the application used will store the new path

No write permissions when using Webdav

You need to use a third party app like Cyberduck to make use of all Webdav functionality under OSX


My absolute paths are broken

After migration of your home directory some files or directories cannot be found.

Your scripts may contain references to old path names, like:


Please check your scripts and update if necessary.

The new path should point to ~/…

"~" is a reference to your home dir (/science/users/"solis-id")

Soft links

Soft links which point to an old path should be removed and created again.

Homedirs for Linux CLZ computers

Science Faculty: Everyone gets a home directory in /science/users/"solis-id"

Everyone with an user home directory is migrated to /science/users/"solis-id" and can access this folder directly from the system.

Geo Sciences: Students and teachers of courses registered as using Linux software in a computer room will also get a personal home directory.

All others get a local home directory on the CLZ system (not roaming) and can be found under: /nethome/"solis-id"

Also see Ubuntu_computer_room_facilities

Cron jobs

For those who have submitted and running cron jobs already before having their home directory migrated may need to submit ( or edit and save) their cron job again. This will update cron to recognize your new home directory location.

where is my Recycle_Bin? (Windows/Linux)

There is no longer a Recycle_Bin.

There is now a Snapshot policy. Snapshots are made daily (60 snapshots) and hourly (24 snapshots). Older snapshots are removed automatically.

Windows users can use Previous Versions.

Linux users can access the snapshot-files on Gemini in the hidden .snapshot folder.

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