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Nederlandse versie

It has been decided to switch to using mobile phones within the Faculty of Science, for several reasons. There is less space, people are working less often in the same place, and many fixed telephones are often unused. Mobile phones offer more flexibility in usage.

More information (PDF documents, in Dutch):

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Before you decide to use GSM-Lite

Is it possible and allowed to use the phone outside the UU?
Yes, there are no limitations on the use of your phone. You should restrict private or roaming use, especially when abroad. Note that there is no data bundle on your phone — using internet via your phone will be expensive!
You may be held responsible for costs resulting from prohibitive use. It is not yet clear what will be regarded as such, but normal use of your phone should not get you into any kind of trouble. In case of abuse, intentional or not, you will always be contacted before any other action is taken.
Can I have my previous number forwarded to my mobile phone?
You can, for two months. For this, you need to apply for a forward through the ITS Selfservicedesk, stating both your previous number and your new mobile number. To reduce costs, your old number will expire after two months, and forwarding will no longer be possible.
I already have a mobile device. Can I use the SIM card with that?
Yes, you can choose to use only the GSM-Lite SIM card and use it in a device of your own choosing.
Can I have a data bundle on the GSM-Lite subscription, in order to e.g. synchronize my e-mail?
No. Currently GSM-Lite is suitable only for telephony. If you use the SIM card in a device that is suitable for Wifi use, you can use the UU Wifi facilities to access internet within UU buildings.
Data bundles will be considered in a later stage of this project.

Using GSM-Lite

Where to go with my questions or problems?
Support is given by the Servicepoint. Besides, you can always contact the ITS Selfservicedesk.
I have a phone with the SIM card installed, but it doesn't work...
SIM cards are activated only after being issued, which can take up to one (working) day. Leave your phone on, you will receive a text message confirming your SIM card activation.
When will my mobile phone number appear on my profile page?
You must enter the phone number yourself in the Self service HR.
I cannot enter or change my mobile number in the Self service HR...
Due to privacy concerns parts of the Self service may not be available temporarily.
Can I make my number appear only to UU employees on my profile page?
You can set the visibility of your number on your profile page. Click 'Edit' on your own profile page, then under 'Contact' choose the level of visibility: public, UU only, or not visible at all.
How can I protect my phone?
Always activate sim card protection with a PIN code. Make a note of your sim card number, so you can have it at hand when necessary.
Is my phone covered by insurance?
Phones are not insured against theft, loss or damage. If you do not report theft or loss, you may be held accountable for misuse.
See below.

Theft, loss or damage

My phone is stolen/lost, what should I do?
You are obliged to report theft or loss of your phone within 24 hours to these two bodies:
the UU Computer Emergency Response Team which investigates data breaches,
via e-mail to, and
the Servicepoint, which has to block the number,
via e-mail to
Afterwards, you will have to provide these pieces of evidence:
Theft: Report theft to the Dutch police via:
(in Dutch, ask a colleague to help)
Send a copy of the report to
Loss: Check if your phone has been found on:
(in Dutch, ask a colleague to help)
If not, report the loss on the site.
Send a copy of the report to
Phones are not insured against theft or loss. If you do not report theft or loss, you may be held accountable for misuse.
My phone is damaged, what should I do?
Report damage or defects as soon as possible to the servicepoint, either through the desk in the David de Wied building, or by e-mail via
Damaged or defective phones will be replaced on the assumption of careful use.