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Nederlandse versie

If you are using Windows, then Outlook is the program of choice to manage your e-mail, calendar and contacts. Outlook integrates well with the Exchange mail environment used by Utrecht University (a.k.a. Solis-mail).

ITS Handleidingen

You can also find manuals on Outlook and mail on the ITS manuals site.

Outlook outside the Soliscom network

Within the Soliscom network, Outlook always connects neatly to the Exchange servers. If you want to use Outlook from the 'outside', e.g.. from home or on a laptop, you need to change some settings for Outlook to function.

Managing several mailboxes with Outlook

If you are authorized, you can manage several mailboxes from Outlook. You can view and sent mail from such mailboxes. In general, you can also access and manage calendars and contacts.

Spam filtering in Outlook

Much of the spam sent to UU mail addresses is intercepted before it can actually reach the intended recipient. A small portion is recognized as spam, but is still sent on with the text '[***SPAM***]' prefixed to the subject. You can easily separate these messages from your regular e-mail.

Alternatives for Outlook

If you do not want to use Outlook, or if you use another operating system, there are alternatives for using the Exchange environment as much as possible.

You can use Solis-mail through a web interface.

You can use other mail clients, provided they can operate through the IMAPS protocol. Popular mail clients such as Thunderbird and Eudora can do this.

Using the Exchange address book, an integral part of Outlook, is possible with other mail clienst as well.