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No longer valid This page is no longer valid
The information on this page is no longer valid. The page is kept for archival purposes only.

All university networks are firewalled, and therefore have limited access to internet services. For well-known services like standard web services there are no restrictions. However, sometimes you need web access to special ports which are closed on the firewall by default.

Because access to these non-standard ports or services is safe when using a webbrowser there is a possibility to define a gateway, or proxy server, for your browser. This gateway will bypass the firewall rules and will enable your browser to connect to non-standard ports.

Setting up a proxy server

The relevant parameters for the proxysever are

port 3128

Firefox settings

Go to Tools → Options → Advanced → Network
Under Connection Settings enter the name and portnumber for the science proxy server.
Restart Firefox to let the setting take effect.

Internet Explorer settings

Go to Tools → Internet Options → Connections → LAN settings
Enter the name and portnumber for the science proxy server.
Activate the option Bypass proxy server for local addresses
Restart Internet Explorer to let the setting take effect.