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This page is obsolete:

See; Where is my Recycle_Bin? How to restore a snapshot or previous version of a file

Nederlandse versie

When accessing your personal storage through a Windows drive mapping or cifs mount (Mac OS or Linux), you have the added bonus of the Recycle_Bin facility.


Your personal storage contains a directory Recycle_Bin. Any files that you have removed will be placed in this directory (but see the notes below). It is therefore easy to retrieve files that have been deleted by accident. Files will be removed automatically from Recycle_Bin after 30 days and cannot be retrieved after that time. Files in Recylce_Bin add to the total storage space in use.


  • Recycle_Bin only functions when you have logged in to your Solis-account from within the soliscom domain (office rooms, computer rooms, etc.) or through a cifs mount.
    It does not function when you connect to personal storage through WebDAV, SSH, sFTP, SCP etc.
  • Moving a file from personal storage to another drive counts as 'removing' it, and will result in the file being placed in Recycle_Bin. (Moving a file within personal storage does not count as removing it.)
  • When removing a file, the complete path to the file is retained in Recycle_Bin.
  • Recycle_Bin does not keep previous versions of removed files (i.e. removing a file that has been removed also at an earlier time will result in the earlier version in Recycle_Bin being overwritten).
  • The contents of Recycle_Bin add to the total amount of storage space in use: removing files from your personal storage will not result in freeing up space, unless you remove the files from Recycle_Bin as well.
    Tip: if you want to remove a lot of files permanently from personal storage, move them to a separate directory first, then remove this directory from personal storage, and finally remove it from Recylce_Bin.
  • Personal storage is being backed up, but backups will be restored only in case of general calamity (server failure etc.). ICT-Bèta will not generally restore files that have been removed by users: be careful what you delete!

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