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Nederlandse versie

How to prepare your laptop for Education

This documentation tailored to Windows OS (7 or 8). Although MacOSX/Linux is not supported, availability is indicated.


Some additional software may be needed to handle the installs (both can be found in the software list, install them first):

  • compressed files: 7-Zip (Windows7/8)
  • mounting an ISO-file: Magic Iso (Windows7 only)

General software

Always install:

Course software

  1. Your teacher/coordinator will indicate which software is required for a course. This is shown in the Betaplanner. You are expected to actively inform yourself and make the necessary preparations to install the required software before the start of each course.
  2. All available software is bundled in one comprehensive list. This is software for all Betafaculty departments. All listed software is available to all enlisted students of the Betafaculty. Allmost all software is available for free.
  3. An increasing amount of software is also available as a virtual Application that will run on almost any platform (tablets included) without the need for a local install.
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Other stuff you may want to know

9 steps to get connected