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Warning Warning
This service is currently under review.
If you want a wiki, please contact us to discuss the possibilities.
Nederlandse versie

ICT-Bèta provides a wiki server to set up a wiki.


The system on offer is the Mediawiki system, well-known from Wikipedia. ICT-Bèta maintains the wiki software, but you are responsible for structuring and filling the wiki.

The software has the usual wiki possibilities (the current version is 1.39.8), plus:

  • Access rights: the wiki can be accessible to the whole world, or just (part of) the UU community, based on Solis-id.
  • Edit rights: the wiki can be maintained by anybody, or by a restricted group based on Solis-id.
  • Skin: you can give your wiki a UU-like skin (like this wiki); you can design your own page header banner (750x70 pixels).
  • Extensions: may be installed after consultation with ICT-Bèta.

To apply for a wiki

You can apply for (information about) a wiki through the ITS Selfservicedesk. When applying, please state te following:

  • Name for the wiki: the wiki will be reachable on the web address; keep the name short and recognizable, e.g. the usual abbreviation of your group with the word 'wiki' attached.
  • Access rights: who should have access to the wiki (preferably Solis-ids or group if restricted).
  • Edit rights: who should be able to edit the wiki (preferably Solis-ids or group if restricted).
  • Admin rights: who should have administrative rights within the wiki (Solis-ids).

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