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If for some reason your network account is not available and you want to continue working in such situations you can uses the information on this page to help you.
Note: that this page is only meant for people working at the mathematical institute.

Setting up Automatic Syncing of Homefolder

Download the following file File:Synchomefolder.tar and extract it. Then start a terminal Finder -> Applications -> Utilities -> Terminal and as a normal user execute the following commands and fill in your credentials when asked for.

cd /Users/SOLISID/Downloads/sync-homefolder/ (replace SOLISID with your SolisID)

This will install a cronjob that will sync your files every hour to the /Users/Shared/SolisID directory on your Mac.
You might find it useful that this folder shows in the sidebar of the Finder, follow the instructions listed here.

Local Account

The local account that can be used to work offline with is:


Credentials will be provided on a need to know basis, they can be provided by the servicedesk.

Continue Working Online

When you continue to work online you need to sync the changes you made back to your homefolder, in order to do that execute the following command:

rsync -avr /data/SOLISID/homefolder /Users/SOLISID/ (replace both SOLISIDs with your SolisID)