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A Scientific Linux account can be made available to Science staff, guests and students. The account should be contacted through SSH (secure shell).

The default interactive shell is bash. The Linux server runs many Science specific programs and environments, such as Mathematica and MATLAB.

Access to personal storage and project space,

Your Linux home directory reflects your personal Linux storage, thus making personal data available to you. It is also accessible, on:

Linux: /science/users/[solis-id]
Windows: \\\science\users\[solis-id]
MacOSX: smb://[solis-id]

For projects space see: Project space

Logging in

To log in, use your own Solis-id and password. Do not use upper case characters in your Solis-id.

You must use a SSH connection (secure shell). On most Linux and Mac OS systems, SSH clients are readily available. On a Windows system you may need to install a client, such as PuTTY. When using a client that offers multiple protocols, always select SSH as the protocol to connect.

Make sure you connect to the right server:

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