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Serviceberichten / Service reports


The gitlab-server was migrated
[2021-05] The gitlab-server was migrated, this requires a different authentication (AD instead of Beta-LDAP)
1. you may get a correct warning that the ssh-hostkey is changed, please accept
2. Students who are also employee ( email) may be unable to find their projects. We are working on a fix.

Archief / Archive


Adapted procedures IT-facilities during corona
[2020-04-09] Due to the corona crisis, several procedures regarding acquisition and use of IT facilities have been adapted. ICT-Bèta will maintain pages detailing the adjustments and possible limitations. Check every time when you want to acquire or use (new) IT equipment; procedures may have changed and information may have been added.

The pages can be found on the UU intranet, tab ‘Practical matters’, section ‘IT and phone services’, their titles will always start with ‘Corona crisis’.