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Nederlandse versie

Software on Faculty license

ICT-Bèta offers software licenses for a number of software packages. You can download and install distributions for these packages.

Software on University license

Utrecht University has made an agreement with Surfdiensten concerning licenses on a number of software packages. This often entails considerable discounts. Please note that the benefits may vary greatly between packages.

If you are looking for a specific software product, please contact us through the ITS Selfservicedesk.

Software for private use

You can buy software for private use through Surfspot, which offers considerable discounts. On the website, below 'Hogeschool & Universiteit (Onderwijs) instelling:', choose 'Universiteit Utrecht'. Next, login with your Solis-id.

Please take note of specific license terms. In some cases, use of the software is linked to your UU appointment, and the license terminates when you leave the UU. There may also be differences between staff and student licenses.