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For data storage that has to be accessible to groups of people, project and scratch spaces are available.

This information is obsolete. The server no longer exists.

For projectspace, see Project space.

Project or scratch space?
Project space is the ideal way to make data accessible to groups of people. Part of a project space can be used to build and present a web site. The web interface can be used to present data files to non-UU groups.
Scratch space can be used for mass data storage, and is also ccessible to groups of people. There is no web interface. No backups are made of this system.

Basic features

Initial data limit for scratch space is depending on need.

Accessing a scratch space is regulated through access control lists. Users (staff, students and guests) can be granted read/write access or read-only access. Access is controlled per space; it is not possible to refine access rights on a per directory basis.

Scratch space is not backed up and should not be used as the main place for storing important data. However, scratch space is ideal for making easily accessible back-ups of data that exists on other systems.

How to connect to a scratch space?

Using Windows

Connect to \\\<scratchname>

To map a scratch space to a drive:

  • Open My Computer, then choose Tools → Map Network Drive...
  • Select a drive letter.
  • Enter the scratch folder you want to connect to.
  • You may wish to check the Reconnect at logon option: this will ensure the mapping persists when restarting your system.
  • Click Finish; you may be asked for your Solis-id and password.
  • The new drive will appear in the list of available drives and can be accessed.

Using Windows 7

On Windows 7, as an alternative to the method described above, you can use the net use command to connect to a scratch space.
Open Start → All Programs → Accessories → Command Prompt. Execute the following command:

net use <drive> \\\scratch\<scratchname> /user:soliscom\<solisid>

For <drive> substitute an available drive letter, e.g. z:. For <scratchname> substitute the scratch name. For <solisid> substitute your own Solis-id. After you have supplied your password, the connection is established.

Use the parameter /persistent:yes to establish a connection that persists after you have re-logged in on your system.
Use net use /help for a list of further possibilities.

Using WebDAV

Connect to You will be shown all scratch spaces as directories, but you may open only those spaces to which you have been granted access rights.

Using Linux

Login to a Linux interactive shell, then change directory to the scratch tree /home/scratch/<scratchname>.

Using (s)FTP

See under personal storage.

Applying for a scratch space

A scratch space can be applied for through the ITS Selfservicedesk. When applying, please state the following:

  • simple name for the scratch space directory;
  • preferred storage space;
  • who should be granted read/write access (preferably as a list of Solis-ids);
  • who should be granted read-only access (preferably as a list of Solis-ids);

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