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The Faculty of Science provides a version control service, using the subversion system, as documented in the subversion book. Subversion can be very useful for (code) projects on which more than one person are working, or for projects that must be accessed from several work places. Subversion allows users to easily update, compare, integrate or replace their work, or revert to earlier versions.

SVN server

The server is available to staff and students:

  • Users can create repositories and manage access right, using the self-service web application.
  • Login with your Solis-id and password.
  • Members of staff can create guest accounts for people without a Solis-id (outside UU).
  • For more details, please consult the online documentation.

data policy

  • If/when the owner of a repository leaves the UU, his/her repositories will be archived when his/her solis_id becomes invalid. The archive is removed after one year.

SVN clients

Besides the server, you will need a local SVN client, suitable for your platform and/or application. A comparison list can be found on Wikipedia. For Windows, TortoiseSVN is a useful client that integrates well with the Windows Explorer. The AnkhSVN client can be integrated in Visual Studio 2005 or later.