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Nederlandse versie

The ICT-Bèta documentation site has been setup to help you find the information in a number of ways. These are mostly directly available from the menu on the left hand side of each page.

Finding information

Index A-Z

The Index A-Z contains every page on this web site. Many topics are listed in more than one way, e.g. software purchase and purchasing software will both lead you to the page that will tell you about software purchases. Sometimes a subject is available in both Dutch (NL) and English (EN).

Main subjects

The Main subjects list basically contains subject lists, that each show pages specific for that subject. E.g. the main subject Software lists pages that have to do with software, and the main subject Manuals lists manuals.

Pages may belong to several main subjects. So, if you are not sure whether personal web site may be found under Facilities or under Personal ICT — don't worry, you will find it in both categories.


Just type one or more keywords in the search box in the top left hand corner of each page and hit Enter. If the subject page is not found right away, you will be presented by a list of possibly relevant pages.

What links here?

A special entry in the main menu on the left is the entry What links here?. Click on it in any page, and it will give you a list of pages that link to the page you are on.

Navigating the information


Nederlandse versie

Sometimes, a subject is available both in Dutch and English. In that case, a language switch can be found a the top right hand corner of the page — just like the one to the right of this paragraph.

Page banners

Some pages may contain banners that can be easily recognized. These contain warnings, tips, or referrals to other pages.