Mac OS Anti-virus (McAfee)(EN)

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Nederlandse versie

Follow the instructions listed below to install McAfee for your mac:

  • Browse to the software server and download the following files:
    • VSM960-RTW-1085.dmg
    • VSM960-1706-HF936655-patch.dmg
  • Open VSM960-RTW-1085.dmg.


  • Double click on VSM960-RTW-1085.pkg in the new highlighted window, this will start the installation.


  • Press continue 4 times.


  • Accept the EULA and continue.
  • Leave the install location unchanged and click install.


  • Enter your credentials and continue with the installation process.
  • After installing McAfee we still need to patch it, open VSM960-1706-HF936655-patch.dmg and follow the same steps as above.

You now have succesfully installed McAfee, however you still need to change a few settings to make sure McAfee's performance is optimal.

  • Start McAfee
  • Select McAfee Endpoint Protection for Mac located in the upper left corner of your screen then select Preferences.
  • Browse to the Anti-malware tab, in the left down corner select the key icon and enter your credentials.


  • Change the settings in McAfee such way that they are similar to the image above.
  • Browse to the Update tab and go to Schedule.


  • Change the time at which McAfee will check for updates to make sure it is during work-time or coffee/lunch break.

You're finished installing McAfee on your system, you might want to run a scan on your Mac to make sure its in perfect condition.