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ICT-Bèta offers workstation support to staff, students and guests. A difference is being made between standard workstations that are being managed by ITS, and non-standard workstations. The level of support also depends on operating system.


ICT-Bèta offers support in:

  • hardware purchase, including default software images (Windows and/or Linux);
  • software;
  • distributions, licenses and documentation for software specific to the Faculty of Science.

For support with ICT problems, and for all questions relating to workstation support, please contact the ITS Selfservicedesk.

Workstation support

Standard workstation

Support is offered by ITS via the ITS Selfservicedesk. You have limited possibilities for installing or adapting software. Applications are managed and made available centrally.

Windows, non-standard workstation

Support is offered by ICT-Bèta via the ITS Selfservicedesk. The workstation is set up in consultation with you.

Student computer rooms

These are generally managed eand supported by ITS via the ITS Selfservicedesk. System setup is determined in consultation with the education organization. A number of workstations is set up as dual-boot systems Windows/Linux. For questions you can also contact the Servicepoint.

Mac OS

Limited support is offered by ICT-Bèta via the ITS Selfservicedesk.


Support for Scientific Linux is offered by ICT-Bèta via the ITS Selfservicedesk. For other Linux flavors, only limited support can be offered.


(Limited) support is offered by ICT-Bèta via the Servicepoint, depending on laptop make and operating system. In general, you are responsible for setting up the laptop, but ICT-Bèta can offer support with e.g. specific software and network connectivity.

Dual-boot or virtualization?

Due to the complexity of dual-boot systems, these systems are not supported for individual users.

When you need to switch to a Linux desktop only occasionally, you should use one of the Linux virtual images available to student computer rooms. You can download these from the software server.

Software distributions

ICT-Bèta offers support for software used specifically within the Faculty of Science. Due to the specialist nature of these packages, support may be limited to general issues.

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